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One of my self improvement goals is to find 3 good things that I have done each day.  By coming up with new things each day my hope is to learn more about myself and build up my self worth.  You can read more about why 3 Good Things  here

I’m running a bit late on posting my three good things, but I’m happy that I’ve been remembering to write them, so I want to make sure they get posted, even if it’s a few days late.  So here they are for Wednesday.

  1. I’m proud of the work I was able to get done for both of my jobs.
  2.  Made a decision without having to get anyones approval.  Even though it was a little decision, I was still pleased to do it.
  3. Recognized that I was tired and went to bed.  Didn’t try to stay up and work with would have probably been a waste of time.
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