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Today I am thankful for the ability to cook good meals at home.  I’m not the greatest cook in the world, but I do enjoy finding and trying new recipes.  I also don’t make anything super fancy or complicated.  I try to stick to more basic things that taste good (hopefully)

Steak au Poivre - one of the more popular meals made at home (photo by Gayle Tabor)


Gayle says that she will try just about anything once, and there have been a few recipes that we have only made once and then they had to be tossed out, never to be made again.  But there have been those recipes that were a home run the first time and get added into the meal rotation.  There have also been those that were ok, but with a little tweak became great.

The Steak au Poivre was one of those that became a hit right away.  Everyone loved it and we have had it a few times since that first occasion.  I try to blog about things I’m cooking on occasion, just to share what has worked or not worked for us.

I sometimes wish I was more creative or inventive, but mostly I am thankful for the ability to put good food on the table.

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