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March 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, I saw a Facebook post about a coupon for a free 2 liter Coke at Lowe’s Foods.  The coupon came from Aisle 50 (affiliate link), an online coupon site that puts deals directly on your Lowe’s Rewards card.  Most of the deals offered on Aisle 50 have to be purchased.  For example – a buy one get one coupon off Folgers Gourmet coffee.  You pay $5.98 at the Aisle 50 website and a coupon for 2 bags of coffee is added to your rewards card.  When you get the coffee and swipe your card, $11.98 is discounted from your order (the price of both bags).  There are not many deals on the website yet, but there were two free ones that I took advantage of.

The first deal was the 2 L of Coke that I discovered on Facebook.  The other was a coupon for a free box of Martha White muffin mix.  I loaded both deals on my card. The next day, i was out running errands and decided to stop by Lowe’s and get my free items. It didn’t hurt that we had people coming over for dinner and I knew the Coke would be good to have that evening.

I picked up my Coke and a Lemon Poppy Seed muffin mix and headed for the Self Checkout aisle.  The Coke rang up at $1.79 and the muffin mix was a dollar.  What I didn’t realize was that the soda was on sale and the coupon discounted the regular price.

So, here is a summary of the deal:

2 L Coke $1.79

Muffin Mix $1.00

Tax $0.16

Total $2.95

Coke coupon -$2.00

Muffin Mix coupon -$1.00

Total cost (-$0.05)

The register was not too happy that my total was negative, and I needed a cashier to help.  Even the cashier wasn’t sure what was going on and had to call a manager.  The manager was able to give me my groceries and a nickel.

I knew my two items were going to be free, but I assumed I was going to have to pay tax.  I was thrilled to find that the coupon was for more than the sale price of the soda which made this deal a money maker for me.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I can see, with careful planning how buying some of the deals would work out the same way.  For example, the coffee deal.  If you paid the $5.98 for two bags and they were on sale or BOGO the deal would be even better and possibly free.

If there is a Lowe’s Foods near you, check out Aisle 50.  (It works at a few other stores, but I didn’t recognize any of them.)  At the very least you can get a free soda and some muffin mix.

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Muscle Gel is a fitness fuel designed by MusclePharm, a company dedicated to the science of nutrition and superior supplements.  Click here for a sample of  MuscleGel for protein on the go.

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I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading magazines.  I don’t subscribe often and buy them off the stand at the grocery store even less, but they frequently cry out to me.  If you feel the same, has a deal for you.  Today and tomorrow only, selected 12 month magazine subscriptions are only $5.  The titles are limited, but include Outdoor Life, Parenting, Popular Science and others.   For most of the selections, the savings are greater than 90%.

Go here to check out the magazines they have available.  At these prices, you can get a few new subscriptions.

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$5 Steak Attack

March 4, 2011

We got a call tonight from a good friend cluing us in to a great deal happening “RIGHT NOW” at Harris Teeter.  They were having a $5 Steak dinner special that included a 10 oz ribeye, a baked potato and a bag of salad, all for $5.  We hadn’t planned anything for dinner, so I hopped in the truck and drove the less than a mile distance to HT.

When I got to the meat counter it seemed that many others had also heard about the $5 steak dinner.  There were at least 12 others standing around the steaks, jockeying for position, trying to get the best cut of meat.  The butchers at HT were bringing out piles of meat as quick as they could.  I was honestly worried that a fight might break out over a free bag of salad.  I just got what I needed and moved on.

What about you?  Anyone out there ever witnessed a fight, tussle, or argument over a good deal at the grocery store?  I’d love to hear about it.

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Go here to request a free sample of Young Again All Natural Cat Food. It’s guaranteed to help your cat lose weight and live a healthier life.

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It is that time of year where people all over America are complaining about the high cost of textbooks. has the answer.  They have a wide selection of used textbooks that are up to 90% off.

So, if you or someone you know is headed back to school, tell them to check here before they pay the high prices at the bookstore.

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For all of you that received phones, iPods or the like for Christmas, today’s deal is perfect. has the Kingston 2 GB microSD Flash Memory Card on sale for $2.19 (Regularly priced at $22.80)  That’s a savings of 91%!

So, if you need more memory – head over to Amazon to take advantage of this deal.

Have a Happy New Year!

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Deal of the

December 26, 2010

We are big fans of and their gift certificates.  It’s a quick easy way to get half priced meals at a variety of restaurants.  We usually use them to go to the more expensive places that we wouldn’t usually choose.  They are also great to use on vacation to save money on meals. works by selling half off gift certificates to use at local restaurants for discounted prices.  You buy the gift certificates and save some cash.

Right now, if you use the coupon code “CLEARANCE” at checkout you can get 80% off on any gift certificate purchase.  This means that a $25.00 gift certificate, instead of costing you $10 (which is a good deal in itself) you can get it for $2.  They are also having a buy 5 get one free sale, which uses the same discount code.

These certificates make great gifts as well.  Or you can take some friends out to dinner without breaking the bank.  Head over to now to take advantage of this great deal

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Grocery Surprise

December 8, 2010

I popped into the grocery store tonight to get a Rotisserie Chicken for dinner.  I stopped first at Food Lion but all they had was BBQ flavored which I was not interested in.  So, I headed to Harris Teeter, which turned out to be the best choice.  First of all, they had their Rotisserie Chickens marked down from $7 to $4.  Next, I decided to check out the meat counter, just in case, and I found hamburger marked down to $1.50 a pound, so I bought two pounds to make a meatloaf on Friday.

So, what I thought was a bad thing turned out to be an unexpected benefit.

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Today’s deal is great for anyone with a kid on their Christmas list.   Tonka Chuck’s Stunt Park is everything needed for hours of playtime. has this toy marked down to $14.99.  The regular price is $42.99 and the price on is $29.99, so this is really a great deal.

Make sure you take advantage of this one.  If you purchase over $25 from you will also get free shipping.

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