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Recently, our youngest son, Marshall, got sick.  He threw up  and I didn’t think much of it – dogs throw up sometimes.  However, that was not the end of things.  He was sick twice more that day.  And he was sick for most of the weekend. Monday morning, poor Marshall threw up again and we called the doctor.

The first thing we learned at our vet’s office was that Marshall had lost about 8 pounds.  That’s a lot when you only weigh about 45 pounds to begin with.  That would be like me losing 43 pounds.  The next thing we learned was that there was no obvious reason for him to be so sick.  He was given a liter of fluid because he was dehydrated and some other medications to help with the nausea and to soothe his stomach.  The vet gave us a few options – we could go home with medicine to ease his symptoms, they could x-ray his intestines to see if there was a blockage, or he could have blood work done to determine if there was something more serious going on.

We chose to start with the x-ray.  When looking at it, there was a vague shadowy something in his stomach, but nothing conclusive (remember this later).  The doctor recommended that we also do the blood work, since he had lost so much weight, so we did.

We left the doctors office with a lighter wallet and four different medicines.  We quickly learned that Marshall does not like the taste of Pepto-Bismol, although, who does really?

The blood work came back inconclusive, so we were basically where we started.  He was acting some better – eating a bit and not acting as lethargic, but he wasn’t our same crazy puppy.

Until Wednesday night.  We had people over and just before dinner I went outside with Marshall.  And out it came!  Remember that shadowy something?  Well, it was a sock and fortunately it found it’s way out of the tunnel it had found it’s way into.

The change was drastic and immediate!  He was back to his usual self, full of energy and mischievousness.  However, I think that would make me feel better as well!

We are keeping a better eye on him, and so far – no more sock eating.  I’m not sure if there is a moral to this story, I think it might just be that life happens.


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