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People think I’m crazy, but I don’t like using the dishwasher. It always seemed like no matter how much I rinsed and scrubbed the dishes, at least half of them came back out dirty. And then, washing them was even more of a chore because of the baked on junk. It just wasn’t worth it! I would rather wash them by hand the first time then have to rinse them, put them in the dishwasher, take them out of the dishwasher and then wash them.

That is – until I found these!


In case you don’t recognize the picture, it is a Cascade Complete Action Pac. I’m not sure why I bought them – probably because they were on sale and I had a coupon. I most likely got them for free, or at least close. Now I’m pretty sure I would sell a kidney for them!

I decided to try the dishwasher again with the new dish washing detergent and much to my amazement, the dishes actually came out clean. I didn’t have to re-wash everything. In fact, I didn’t have to re-wash anything! And it wasn’t just a one time fluke either. I have been using these Cascade Acton Pacs for a few months now, and the results are always the same – super clean dishes!

This is not an affiliate post or anything. Its just me, letting all of you know about something that removed a lot of frustration from my life. If you have trouble with your dishwasher, try some. They might make all the difference.

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Review: Rummikub

December 21, 2012

“We can’t do it Wednesday night, that’s game night.  And game night is sacred.”  This sentence is spoken pretty regularly in our world.  About a year ago, we began hosting game night at our house.  It’s a small group of people, usually 4-5 and we start off the evening with dinner, eaten family style at the table.  After we eat, we move to the living room to play a game.  The game varies each week-  we will play card games, board games and sometimes we even pull out the Wii for some video game action.  And no topic of conversation is off limits.  We will discuss religion, politics or just the silly things that happened in the past week.  And even though our views may differ – we can all talk freely without anger or hurt feelings.

One game that we play frequently is Rummikub.  It is kind of like Gin Rummy, but played with colored and numbered tiles instead of cards.

The game is played by laying down tiles in sets of the same number (3-3-3) or runs with the same color (4-5-6).  All sets must a  group of at least three.  It sounds easy, but the best part – which is also the hardest part comes when a lot of tiles have been played.

You see, in Rummikub, you can mix and match tiles in an infinite number of ways as long as you follow the rules which are pretty simple – leave three tiles in each set and a run must be of the same color and stay in numerical order.

So, in order to get rid of one tile in your hand, you might make 5 manipulations of the board.  And one move by the person before you can completely throw off your entire game plan.  There can be a large amount of strategy involved and you definitely must think outside the box in order to win.  The instructions do place a time limit of two minutes on someones turn, so there isn’t that one person that monopolizes the game looking for a move for 10 minutes.

We really enjoy this game because it involves lots of thinking, but isn’t “in the box” thinking like some other games.  There is always more than one answer, and the possibilities are almost limitless.


So, if you are a game lover, or you know someone who is – try Rummikub.  It’s a fun game for all ages.

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