The Science Nerd

The Beginning

June 29, 2010

I have been reading about using coupons to really save money for quite some time now.  I have truly been envious of those who go to the grocery store and come out with $100 worth of groceries that they paid $2 for.  About two weeks ago, I read a blog that pushed my envy and desire into action.  The author of the blog was challenged by his sister to eat on $1 a day for an entire month.  He blogged daily about the deals he was able to get and the challenges he faced while trying to stretch $30 to last him the entire month.  He talked a lot about using multiple coupons to get food and toiletries for free that he subsequently donated to the local food bank.  This sounded great to me because I often read the deals that people get on food and things and think “Sounds wonderful but that is food that would never get eaten at my house”  So, the idea that I could get that food for free and then donate it to the food bank was very appealing.

Now I don’t gloss over those posts explaining what coupons match with what deals at the store.  I am putting them to good use.  This doesn’t mean that I will only use coupons to get things to give away.  Anytime a coupon comes through that will benefit my food budget I will be sure to take advantage.

This blog will be the chronicle of my emergence as a hard core coupon user.  Hopefully some of the things I learn can benefit others to either begin using coupons to reduce their food budget or help others get food they need.  I will also share other ways we have been able to reduce spending on many of life’s “necessities”.