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3 Good Things – Sept 30, 2011

September 30, 2011

One of my self improvement goals is to find 3 good things that I have done each day.  By coming up with new things each day my hope is to learn more about myself and build up my self worth.  You can read more about why 3 Good Things  here

Well, I’ve missed a few days.  The past few days I have been unable to think of three good things.  I came to the conclusion today that that is unacceptable.  If I can’t think of 3 good things about my day, I haven’t been paying attention, which is the whole reason for this journey – to pay attention.  So, here are today’s three good things.

  1. I remembered to buy a sympathy card that needs to be mailed tomorrow.
  2. I started back on my 5K training.
  3. I left food on my plate at lunch and dinner.

I started to put “I returned to recording three good things” but thought that might be a bit like cheating, so I didn’t.  But I do feel that it is a good thing that I’ve returned to focusing on the positive.

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