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It’s Sunday  morning and I had to make a quick run to Harris Teeter because we only had one egg.  Sunday morning breakfast is a tradition at our house – eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy and in the summer a fresh tomato.  So, it wouldn’t do to only have one egg.  I knew eggs were on sale at Harris Teeter – a dozen was only $0.97 with my e-Vic card.

I grabbed a few other coupons since I knew it was Super Double Coupon week and headed out.  After about 45 minutes of shopping here is what I left the store with

12 pack of Lemon Propel $5.49 ($8.99) on sale for $6.99  used $1.50 off catalina coupon (I though it was going to double, but missed the fine print way off to one side that said “Do Not Double”  It didn’t matter because this is something we drink a lot of, so I was happy for the coupon.)

4 boxes of Shredded Wheat Honey Nut cereal $1.00 each ($3.95) on sale 2/$4.00 used (2) $1.00/2 coupon (doubled to $2.00 each)

Blue Bunny Ice Cream $0.95 ($5.89) on sale BOGO used $1.00 off coupon

HT medium olives $1.19

Danimals Yogurt FREE ($2.79) on sale for $1.99 used $1.00 off coupon

Coffee Mate Creamer $3.00 ($4.19) on sale for $3.00

Plain M&M’s FREE ($0.89) used Free coupon I received in the mail

8 O’Clock Coffee $3.49 ($6.49) used $1.50 coupon

Sugar $2.49

Sobe Lifewater FREE ($1.69) used free coupon I got in the mail

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons $2.19 ($5.19) used $1.50 off coupon

and finally……

eggs $0.97 (1.59)

Total Bill before coupons – $57.19

Total Paid – $24.71

Savings – $32.48 (57%)

Cumulative Savings – $141.09

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Unexpectedly Free

July 9, 2010

I needed to pick up some cocktail sauce on my way home today since I forgot it at the store yesterday.  When I got to Harris Teeter I was able to find more $0.50 coupons for Vitamin Water.  When I got to the checkout, I noticed a $0.55 coupon on the cocktail sauce which was already BOGO.  Because I only got the one it was half off and I got to add the coupon.  It was an unexpected almost free trip to the store.

9 Vitamin Water – $1 each

Used (9) $0.50 coupon – $9.00

Cocktail Sauce – $2.45

Half price – $1.22

Used $0.55 coupon found on bottle – $1.10

Total Before Coupons – $11.80

Amount Paid – $0.48 (including tax)

Savings – $11.32

Cumulative Savings – $52.56

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Free Drink Day

July 8, 2010

Today was the day of free drinks which is good since we are trying to reduce our soda intake.  I had saved my three BOGO (buy one get one) Sobe Lifewater coupons from the “Heads or Tails” game because Sobe is on sale at CVS BOGO.  So I was able to use my coupons with the sale and get 6 for free.

6 Sobe Lifewater – $1.59 each

BOGO sale – $4.77

(3) BOGO coupon- $4.77

Total Before Coupons – $9.82

Amount Paid – $0.28 (including tax)

Savings – $9.54

Cumulative Savings – $41.24

While at CVS I saw a tear off pad of coupons for $0.50 off Vitamin Water.  I knew that Harris Teeter sometimes had Vitamin Water on sale for $1 each and I also knew that they double coupons.  If I was lucky, the Vitamin Water would be on sale sometime before the coupons expired.  I grabbed all they had (which was only 6) and headed for Harris Teeter.  Fortunately, the Vitamin Water was on sale and I was able to pick up 6 of them.

6 Vitamin Water – $1.00 each

(6)$0.50 off coupon- $6.00

Total Before Coupons – $6.23

Amount Paid – $0.23 (including tax)

Savings – $6.00

Cumulative Savings – $47.24

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After spending some time looking at coupons I had, printing others and matching them with some sales at Harris Teeter, I ventured off on my first shopping trip.  Fortunately, Harris Teeter was having a “Super Coupon” special.  This meant that they would be doubling the value of coupons up to $2.  Usually they only double coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less, so this can be a great deal.  Here is what I came home with.

(2) International Delight Coffee Creamer  $1.99 each

Used BOGO coupon -$1.99

Ore-Ida Crinkle Fries  $3.39

Used 75¢ coupon -$1.50

(2) Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs  $4.25 each

On sale BOGO -$4.25

Used $1/2 coupon - $2.00

(2) Shredded Wheat Cereal  $3.39 each

Used $1/2 coupon  -$2.00

(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delight  $1.99 each

Used  $1/2 coupon  -$2.00

(1) Flavor Splash Wild Berry Water $3.99

On sale -49¢

Used $1 coupon  -$2.00

Total before discounts – $30.62

Amount paid – $16.39

Savings – $14.23

Cumulative Savings – $14.23

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