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I want to write.  I want to post on this blog, and also on my other blog, Fat2Triathlete, which details my quest to complete an IronMan triathlon.  I have great intentions….but really poor follow through.

I start on a post, get distracted and then never finish it.  I think about things that would make terrific blog posts, but then never get them typed out.

While meeting with a group of fellow bloggers the other day, we were talking about the difficulty in writing consistently and the conversation turned to keeping an editorial calendar.  I knew that some bloggers kept a schedule of things they wanted to post and when they would post them, but it all seemed to “business like” for my blog.  After all, I’m not writing for Better Homes & Gardens, this is just my blog.

However, the more we talked about it, the more it seemed like a really good idea.  It should help keep me organized, give me a goal and a plan, and eliminate some of the “what do I write about” issues that I seem to have.  I’m also working on organizing other areas of my life.

SIDE NOTE: I own a small business, and there are so many things that need to be accomplished every day, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks.  I was trying to think of ways to organize myself that made sense to me.  There are tons of things out there about organization, but if it isn’t something I can really grab hold of, it’s hard for me to follow through.   And then it hit me – Lesson Plans!  I was a teacher for 8 years and every Friday I created lesson plans for what was coming the next week.  It was required, but it was also very helpful in scheduling and organizing my days.  And I thought, why wouldn’t that work now?  So, starting last  Sunday I now create a TO DO Lesson plan –  schedule out all the things need to get done.  That way, I don’t feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin – I have a plan.  It, so far, has been very freeing – my mind isn’t worried about what has to get done, it’s all written down and waiting for me.  And I have had a very productive week – including getting some little tasks done that before would have been forgotten until it was too late.

Now, back to my blog lesson plan.  The first thing to be done was find an editorial calendar template.  I looked at lots of them and finally settled on a basic monthly calendar.

My next step was to create categories – the areas I’d like to write about.  If you are wondering what I came up with, here they are -

  • Monday – Susie Homemaker – my “mom” posts (I know I’m only mom to two wonderful dalmatians, but I still like to do all those homey things usually associated with moms and why not share them) – recipes, crafts, gardening, etc.
  • Tuesday – Personal Growth – when I started this blog, I wanted a place to record my journey, a journey away from life with my head in the sand and toward a more awakened mentality.  I’ve moved away from writing about my struggles in this area, and am interested in sharing more of this journey.
  • Wednesday – Reviews – this will be the day that I share with my readers my opinions on different things.  I’ll review products, movies, books, any items that I think are worth sharing with you.
  • Thursday – Educational – As I said earlier, I was a teacher for many years and I still do some math and science tutoring because I just love it!  This teaching thing is in my blood and impossible to get away from, so even thought I’m not sure where exactly this one is going, it will most likely be posts about something I’ve learned that I think is valuable.
  • Friday – Spirituality – I grew up in a Baptist ministers home.  There was plenty of religion, but hardly any spirituality.  I grew up believing everything I was taught without questioning or thinking and deciding for myself.  Coming out of that box, finding my own path and discovering what I truly believe is a difficult but important step on my journey and worthy to be discussed here.

I probably won’t write something everyday, heck I’ve had trouble writing something once a month, so don’t expect miracles! I am looking forward to having a plan and a direction.  We shall see where it leads!

As a bonus – I already have three weeks worth of stuff to write about.  See, I knew it was in there…I just needed a good way to get it out.

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