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Deal of the

December 26, 2010

We are big fans of and their gift certificates.  It’s a quick easy way to get half priced meals at a variety of restaurants.  We usually use them to go to the more expensive places that we wouldn’t usually choose.  They are also great to use on vacation to save money on meals. works by selling half off gift certificates to use at local restaurants for discounted prices.  You buy the gift certificates and save some cash.

Right now, if you use the coupon code “CLEARANCE” at checkout you can get 80% off on any gift certificate purchase.  This means that a $25.00 gift certificate, instead of costing you $10 (which is a good deal in itself) you can get it for $2.  They are also having a buy 5 get one free sale, which uses the same discount code.

These certificates make great gifts as well.  Or you can take some friends out to dinner without breaking the bank.  Head over to now to take advantage of this great deal

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Although I have been working on saving money at the grocery store by clipping coupons and buying things that are on sale, it’s not the only way we have been reducing our budget.  The other thing we have done, which started out almost accidentally was to cut out our trash service.

I decided that I wanted to start a compost pile.  It’s a green way to deal with fruit and vegetable trash and you end up with nutrient rich soil that you can use on the garden. So, I began composting any fruit or vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags that used to go straight in the trash can.  I don’t compost meat scraps because that would attract critters and we have enough problems with raccoons and possums because of the cats that I certainly don’t want to encourage them any more.  Around the same time, we began a concerted effort to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and any paper or cardboard.  Because these things weren’t going in the trash either, we found that we didn’t have to put our trash can at the curb every week.  In fact, it turned out to be every third week.  Not feeling that it was cost effective to pay almost $50 a month to have one trash can full of trash hauled away, we did away with our trash service and purchase three heavy duty trash can’s from the hardware store.

Now, we put all our trash in those cans, and when they are full we put them in the back of the truck and make a trip to the dump.  Sure it takes about 2 hours for the entire process, but our costs have been reduced to $5 for the load of trash and about $5 in gas.  And we don’t go every month, probably every other month.  What would have cost us $100 has been reduced to $10 and 2 hours of time.  For me, it is well worth the effort.

If you are looking for ways to decrease your budget, this might be something you want to try.   I know it won’t work for everyone, some people don’t want to have to deal with their trash, and that is OK.  But, if you take a hard look at your expenses, I’m sure you can find something that you can cut and not feel that you are depriving yourself.  Sometimes you just have to be creative.

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WalMart Deals

July 15, 2010

Yesterday was a heavy grocery day for me and I was able to get some good deals at Harris Teeter, but my best deals came from WalMart.  I only needed two items, but was able to get some things for free that I will donate to the Wilmington Food Bank.

Baby Corn – $1.27

Coffee Filters – $1.12

(3) 12 pack Schick Disposable razors – $1.97 each

Used (3) $2.00 off coupon –  FREE plus $0.03 overage

(2) Benadryl Itch relief Sticks – $2.28 each

Used (1) $5.00 of two Benadryl items – FREE plus $0.44 overage

Total Before Coupons – $13.86

Amount Paid – $2.86 (including tax)

Savings – $11.00

Cumulative Savings – $63.56

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Unexpectedly Free

July 9, 2010

I needed to pick up some cocktail sauce on my way home today since I forgot it at the store yesterday.  When I got to Harris Teeter I was able to find more $0.50 coupons for Vitamin Water.  When I got to the checkout, I noticed a $0.55 coupon on the cocktail sauce which was already BOGO.  Because I only got the one it was half off and I got to add the coupon.  It was an unexpected almost free trip to the store.

9 Vitamin Water – $1 each

Used (9) $0.50 coupon – $9.00

Cocktail Sauce – $2.45

Half price – $1.22

Used $0.55 coupon found on bottle – $1.10

Total Before Coupons – $11.80

Amount Paid – $0.48 (including tax)

Savings – $11.32

Cumulative Savings – $52.56

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Free Drink Day

July 8, 2010

Today was the day of free drinks which is good since we are trying to reduce our soda intake.  I had saved my three BOGO (buy one get one) Sobe Lifewater coupons from the “Heads or Tails” game because Sobe is on sale at CVS BOGO.  So I was able to use my coupons with the sale and get 6 for free.

6 Sobe Lifewater – $1.59 each

BOGO sale – $4.77

(3) BOGO coupon- $4.77

Total Before Coupons – $9.82

Amount Paid – $0.28 (including tax)

Savings – $9.54

Cumulative Savings – $41.24

While at CVS I saw a tear off pad of coupons for $0.50 off Vitamin Water.  I knew that Harris Teeter sometimes had Vitamin Water on sale for $1 each and I also knew that they double coupons.  If I was lucky, the Vitamin Water would be on sale sometime before the coupons expired.  I grabbed all they had (which was only 6) and headed for Harris Teeter.  Fortunately, the Vitamin Water was on sale and I was able to pick up 6 of them.

6 Vitamin Water – $1.00 each

(6)$0.50 off coupon- $6.00

Total Before Coupons – $6.23

Amount Paid – $0.23 (including tax)

Savings – $6.00

Cumulative Savings – $47.24

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The WalMart Way

July 5, 2010

I had to go to WalMart to pick up a few things, so I grabbed some coupons that I thought would get me some good deals and off I went.  Here are the things I was able to get for (mostly) free.

Ocean Spray Blueberry Pomegranate Juice – $1.97

Used $1.00 coupon – $0.97

Tucks Take Along pads – $2.74

Used $3.00 coupon – FREE (Actually -$0.26, so I made a few pennies on this one!)

(2)Luna Bar – $0.97

Used (2) free Luna Bar coupon - FREE

AXE Travel Size Deodorant - $0.97

Used $1.00 coupon – FREE (Again I made $0.03)

AXE Travel Size Shampoo – $0.97

Used $1.00 coupon – FREE (Again I made $0.03)

Total Before Coupons – $9.03

Amount Paid – $1.09 (including tax)

Savings – $7.94

Cumulative Savings – $31.70

Not every cashier will let you use a coupon that is for more than the price of an item.  Usually they will override the coupon and make it equal the price of the item.  Sometimes they will refuse to take the coupon.  Fortunately (for me), the cashier helping me didn’t seem to know much of what was going on, she read carefully each coupon, looked extremely confused and then just shrugged and scanned the coupons.  But don’t freak out if they won’t. Kindness and patience will get you a lot farther.

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After spending some time looking at coupons I had, printing others and matching them with some sales at Harris Teeter, I ventured off on my first shopping trip.  Fortunately, Harris Teeter was having a “Super Coupon” special.  This meant that they would be doubling the value of coupons up to $2.  Usually they only double coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less, so this can be a great deal.  Here is what I came home with.

(2) International Delight Coffee Creamer  $1.99 each

Used BOGO coupon -$1.99

Ore-Ida Crinkle Fries  $3.39

Used 75¢ coupon -$1.50

(2) Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs  $4.25 each

On sale BOGO -$4.25

Used $1/2 coupon - $2.00

(2) Shredded Wheat Cereal  $3.39 each

Used $1/2 coupon  -$2.00

(2) Betty Crocker Warm Delight  $1.99 each

Used  $1/2 coupon  -$2.00

(1) Flavor Splash Wild Berry Water $3.99

On sale -49¢

Used $1 coupon  -$2.00

Total before discounts – $30.62

Amount paid – $16.39

Savings – $14.23

Cumulative Savings – $14.23

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