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Is your child struggling with math and/or science?

They are not alone. 

An experienced tutor can help.

“More than 40 percent of high school seniors across the country who took the science exam, and more than one-third of fourth- and eighth-graders, could not meet the minimum academic expectations set. Even many students who did better than that often showed only a limited grasp of scientific facts and concepts.”

-Washington Post


Think specialized tutoring is out of reach?  I can help.

Let Jenn the Teacher work with you and your child to create a tutoring plan that will help them excel in math and science.




There are many tutoring options available to fit within your busy schedule:

  • In person tutoring sessions (in Wilmington, NC)
  • Online tutoring sessions
    • Skype
    • AIM
    • Google Messenger
    • Yahoo Messenger
    • Interactive whiteboard
  • Telephone tutoring sessions
  • Online homework help


Contact Jenn the teacher to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.


Areas of  Math and Science Expertise


Elementary Math                                             Elementary Science

Middle School Math                                        Middle School Science

Pre-Algebra                                                       Biology

 Algebra                                                                Earth Science

Geometry                                                            Physical Science

Algebra II                                                           Chemistry

Trigonometry                                                   Physics



SAT Math Prep



Is your child bored in school because the pace is too slow? 

Are you a homeschooling parent that would like some assistance with the more advanced class work in math and science?

Jenn the Teacher has solutions for these and many other situations.

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